2012 IPO Fest!!

Whew...it's been a while since we have put some notes out for you... must be the weather. It was warm the last entry in August 11' and unseasonable warm now in April 12'. Good weather, good vibes, time for some updates.

We will start this year off right with a IPO Festival / Ginger Records showcase at the Redline Tap, April 21st @ 8 pm. The smooth retro pop of Swinger will kick it off. Followed by the classically smart, in your face pop/rock of The Webstirs then on to yours truly. Weekend Vinyl will finish you off with a smile on your face....:)

We will have lots to come this year, including a show at Friendly Tap in Oak Park (owned by good friend Rob from The Yellowhammers). We are also looking at putting on our own little party at Nevins in Evanston so stay tuned for that. Plus we will have plenty of little shows here and there, with the possible return to S.P.A.C.E and Martyrs......

Gonna be a good year for some old and new WEEKEND VINYL !!

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