Whew...it's been a while since we have put some notes out for you... must be the weather. It was warm the last entry in August 11' and unseasonable warm now in April 12'. Good weather, good vibes, time for some updates.

We will start this year off right with a IPO Festival / Ginger Records showcase at the Redline Tap, April 21st @ 8 pm. The smooth retro pop of Swinger will kick it off. Followed by the classically smart, in your face pop/rock of The Webstirs then on to yours truly. Weekend Vinyl will finish you off with a smile on your face....:)

We will have lots to come this year, including a show at Friendly Tap in Oak Park (owned by good friend Rob from The Yellowhammers). We are also looking at putting on our own little party at Nevins in Evanston so stay tuned for that. Plus we will have plenty of little shows here and there, with the possible return to S.P.A.C.E and Martyrs......

Gonna be a good year for some old and new WEEKEND VINYL !!

I guess we should have been out there strut'n our stuff at some of the summer festivals and outdoor venues but I think we all were cool just hanging with the family...

We will be doing one end of the summer show on August 27th so if you are around the Libertyville area come check us out at their North Shore Wine, Beer, Cigar and Food Festival. http://www.northshorewinebeerfest.com/Event_Info.html

Don't worry, we will be energized and ready for some fun in the fall. Check out the calender page for the new dates.

Press Machine is a roll'n. Check out current and future articles on us in the ol' B/W print. The press page is a good place to start!

Thanks to everyone who braved the wet and nasty weather to see a great show at The Abbey Pub last night. Some fantastic pop bands showcased their talents. Some classic sounds from Swinger and Watershed and This Magazine is Haunted. Power and pop from  Archie Powell & The Exports, Magatha Trysty and Suzy Brack & The New Jack Lords. Good stuff! And of course ourselves, the new editions....I think we made a good impression. At least it sounded that way up on stage. I think we were all feeling pretty amped so we just got up there and blasted through those tunes with energy and heads up playing. Thanks to the sound engineer without whom we (and everyone else for that matter) would suck. Believe it or not that was our first live show as Weekend Vinyl.

Check out the pics on the photo page and some vids at MySpace and/or YouTube

Thanks to Dave Bash with IPO and the Abbey Pub for hosting us. Looking forward to seeing everyone on the 30th with The Bono Bros! See ya then:)...

Dave and I will be working on new website so we'l keep you posted on the progress.

You have to check out Val's list. This site is sick.....tons of new music that she puts together in playlists so it's not overwhelming. It's like iTunes Genius on crack!

Big Thanks to Val for putting us on her Take A Walk Playlist. Being up there on the page with some other heavy hitters is a big honor

New CD is finally up on CD Baby, iTunes and Amazon..!! 

We are working on firing up the live shows. Gonna keep the boys busy especially with our new Baby Matsko addition in March!!

2 dates for IPO fest and more to come including Martyrs' and Brixies to name a few......

Happy New Year to all Weekend Vinylers!!! Lots o' stuff to do this year....... Lots of live shows in the works, including the long awaited CD release party!!! We are doing are thing in the Coach House, which thankfully stays warm this time of year, tuning up the songs for our upcoming dates. Elisa is doing her thing with PR, including our Twitter page..Check it Out We'll see you REAL soon...so stay tuned for more news and blast emails. As always, check us out on Twitter and FaceBook

Our new self-titled CD can be ordered from Weekend Vinyl 1042 Michigan Avenue Evanston, IL 60202 Send check or money order for $9.99 with your info and we'll get it out to you. The CD will be available on iTunes, CD Baby and Amazon very soon. Working live dates.....
Our thoughts are with Dan these days....Get better soon buddy!! Big props to Uptown Recording. They are the best in Chicago. Talk to our man Dan or Matt...they'll set you up real nice like. As always check out our newest developments on in the News section and of course on our Twitter feed!
Just sent out a test email to make sure the mass emailer is working. Looks good!! Don't forget the join our list if you haven't already. You will see the 'JOIN' box on the far right hand side of the page.
We are workin' on all of it........ New website will be up soon, FB, Twitter and MySpace are a runnin' and we are just waiting for some tunes to finish being mastered in Nashville so we can make Weekend Vinyl's debut album available at CD Baby, Amazon.com and iTunes. It's a comin' we'll keep you posted! Meanwhile browse the site or check out our other links:)

New Pics!!

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